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I have written two open source textbooks, Principles of Sociology and Sociology of Marriage and Family. I currently write and create content for, a health and wellness online publication.


During my graduate work, I conducted field work in Latin America and was the recipient of the Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies travel grant. My research work in sociology includes the effect of foreign direct investment on technological growth in Brazil and the role of digital technology in shaping global education.


A former college lecturer, I was one of the first online course designers and instructors for the San Diego Community College District. I designed and developed social sciences curriculums, courses, and lectures for higher education institutions in Southern California for more than 10 years. 


I received my BA from Columbia University in New York. I have two Master’s Degrees, one from UCSD in Latin American Studies and one in Sociology at UCI. I am ABD for a doctorate in Sociology at UCI. I’m a firm believer in life-long learning, so I continue to teach myself and take courses online. I recently completed Intro to User Design from Georgia Tech through Coursera.


With my husband I co-founded Chalktips, a platform where students can create and share their college work as portfolios. Inspired by my students, I wanted a way for their course work to be recognized aside from a grade. I also co-founded a funded startup, MagTag. The app lets you to take any image online and add tags to images with links for shopping. These experiences taught me how to oversee and develop tech projects, work with investors, and collaborate with creatives. Using my knowledge of WordPress development and analytics, I worked with influencers @lornaluxe, @pamallier, and @shalicenoel. 

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