2 Bridges and 3 Hours Later

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In an Inc. Magazine article by Lou Adler on hiring, he claims that the most powerful question one can ask in an interview is this: What single project or task would you consider your most significant accomplishment in your career to date? Adler is talking about an interview, but YCombinator, according to Paul Graham has […]

It’s Not Me. It’s You.

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Chalktips is a publishing platform that lets users create and share slideshows and booklets. We currently have 2,000 users. We marketed this specifically to educators. Although we are still going to keep the site running, we decided to focus all our efforts on our other startup, MagTag, which caters to fashion and e-commerce. We had […]

Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Essay Scoring

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My reaction to a NYT article on the use of artificial intelligence to grade essays: As an educator, I appreciate technology that provides students a quicker way to get feedback, but this software only reinforces students’ frustration with essays: no one reads them except the professor. Most are written to be read by one person. […]


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We presented MagTag at a FashionTech event 2 weeks ago. Fashiontech is such a departure from Chalktips and Edtech. There is an energy and enthusiasm that I don’t quite get from teachers and educators in general. by


The Shallows

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“The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains” provides a sociobiological analysis of how the internet’s structure is altering the way we consume information, our neural paths, and emotional depth. Carr argues that this shift from linear consumption of information to a staccato-like attention span is a return to earlier evolutionary survival skills: […]

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO

Inspired by Success

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People who teach at community colleges face a professionalization dilemma: we are not quite the renowned professors in 4-year universities, but in terms of credentials, edge high school and kindergarten teachers. This ambiguous position is evident in the way we are addressed, compensated, and the profession’s prestige level. Students use a variety of titles to […]